Beat Your Friends and Family at Our Paintball Games

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Lake Phoenix Scuba Park & Family Campground

W e will be honored to host your next paintball event here at Lake Phoenix.

B esides the paintball park, Lake Phoenix has water activities available. Visitors can enjoy tent camping, RV sites with electricity and water (dump station on-site, or book our cottage. We also have picnic areas, kayak, paddleboat, volleyball court, and more. See our SCUBA and Family Campgrounds pages. Why not combine the two, paintball one day and then camping and swimming the next!

O ur paintball fields are structured in the natural environment here in Rawlings, Virginia and go from cleared pathways to light brush to heavier forest covering. Come and experience nature while having fun!

F or visitors who simply want to enjoy nature and "get away from it all", the surrounding environment provides ample opportunities to rest and relax. Nature lovers may see an abundance of wildlife including beaver, turtles, deer, a wide variety of bird species, and squirrels. Look close enough, you may see a velvet “cow killer” ant!

G roups and families alike will appreciate our facility, making a visit to Lake Phoenix a perfect Virginia getaway and/or vacation spot. Whether plan an event for a few individuals or having your family reunion here, come and enjoy a night of two in our campgrounds and play a game or two of paintball.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Wear some clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. It is recommended that you wear long pants and long sleeves. You may want to add an extra layer, but take a look at the weather first.

A: Yes! You must wear a mask at all times on the field. If you do not have one, you can rent one from us for $4.00 daily

A: Paintballs may sting for a minute after getting hit, but this will quickly fade. The sting is similar to someone flicking you.

A: All our fees are listed on the Services & Pricing page. We supply your paint which varies in price and comes with some packages. If you do not have equipment, you will need to rent that as well. Take a look at our rental rates here.

A: Keep that mask down! Hold your gun up in the air and verbally state that you are out. Choose a good path and walk to the side of the field as quickly as possible with your gun in the air.

A: Ask someone. Almost everybody will be happy to help.

A: These go over the tip of your barrel. You must have your barrel cover on your Paintball Gun when you are not on the playing field. This will protect you and others from a misfire.

Lake Phoenix Scuba Park & Family Campground


Communicate – Talk to your teammates while you play. Let them know where everyone is and how many players are left. Ask them for help or cover fire.

Move – Don’t just stand there! Don’t make yourself an easy target. Constantly move. Poke your head out of different parts of the bunker. Move from one position to another (if it is safe).

Aim – It is easy to just point the gun and shoot. Be sure that you are pointing at something worth hitting.

Plan – Whether you are a veteran tournament player or a beginner, it is important to create a strategy for the particular field and/or players you are playing. You may want to walk over the field ahead of time to get an idea of the possible shots.

You’re not the only Player Play as a Team

Listen to each other and play the field accordingly. If Jim has the right side covered, watch his left side.

Lake Phoenix Scuba Park & Family Campground