Clearest Water in the Mid-Atlantic!

Unwind at your SCUBA park and Campgrounds.

Please Note :

As of 27 April:

Certified Divers with their families/friends are always welcome.

One Diver can bring One Visitor unless they are with a dive group

We will no longer be allowing Off-The-Street Visitors / Swimmers / or Off the Street Camping.

All Visitors (Non-Divers) must be accompanied by a Certified Diver or Dive Shop or Dive Group. Camping is permitted for Divers and their friends and families only.

Sorry for the inconvenience

An Exceptional Scuba Diving and Camping Destination

Experience a spectacular underwater adventure when you go for a dive at Lake Phoenix Scuba Park & Family Campground in Rawlings, VA. Our quarry is well known for having the clearest water in the mid-Atlantic region, making it a perfect home for bluegill, bass, turtles, and crawfish. We also have a wide field where you can enjoy adrenaline-inducing activities.

Todays Weather

Water Temp at Depth (As of the 14 May 2024)

0ft   68.5 F

5ft   69.1 F

10ft   68.8 F

15ft   67.2 F

20ft   63.8 F

25ft   61.7 F

30ft   59.0 F

35ft   56.3 F

40ft   54.5 F

45ft   53.2 F

50ft   52.6 F

What We Offer

Lake Phoenix Scuba Park & Family Campground

Scuba Diving and Swimming

Whether you are a newbie or a certified diver and swimmer, you will enjoy the temperature and clear visibility of our quarry. Take in the beauty of colorful fishes swimming in the wrecked vehicles underwater when you go to our scuba park.