Cottage / Trailer Request

Cottage/Trailer Request

One reservation per visit please. NOTE: Water is off for the winter. Coffee water available.

  • Cottage Description

    Cottage sleeps up to seven people with two double bunkbeds and two mattresses in the loft and one cot.
    It has a Kitchen, Microwave, Heating/AC, Refrigerator, TV, but does not contain a bathroom.
    We however, do have a bathhouse with seven stalls, hot water and showers on site.

    Cottage/Trailer Prices

    Cottage for 2 nights Weekend (Fri-Sat) $350.00
    Cottage for 1 Night $175.00 per night
    Cottage for 3 Nights $150.00 per night
    Cottage Weekly (5 days) $600.00

    Large Trailer w Bathroom for 2 nights Weekend (Fri-Sat) $399.00
    Large Trailer w Bathroom for 1 Night $225.00 per night
    Large Trailer w Bathroom for weekly (5 days) $700.00

    Little Trailer w Bathroom for 2 nights Weekend (Fri-Sat) $300.00
    Little Trailer w Bathroom for 1 Night Weekend (Fri or Sat) $175.00 per night

    1. No smoking, candles or fire allowed inside the Cottage/Trailer.
    2. No Pets Allowed inside the Cottage/Trailer
    3. No dive gear allowed inside Cottage/Trailer
    4. No trash is to be left inside Cottage/Trailer, floor cleaned upon departure
    5. No shoes, food or drinks in beds or loft.
    6. please bring your own linens, towels, etc for beds.
    Cottage Beds are XL Twins (6),
    Large Trailer Beds are Bunkbed Full (2), Sleeper couch Full (1), Queen bed (1) and kitchen nook Full (1)
    and Small Trailer beds are Queen (1) and twin (1).
    Updated as of 27 March 2024 and prices subject to change.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • 3. Your Information:

  • Email Address:

  • Phone Number:

  • Guest List, first and last name of all individuals

  • See below for Bunkhouse description & fees
    NOTE: Payment in full required at the time of confirmation. DO NOT Pay on line prior to obtaining confirmation of site availability.
  • Terms & Conditions

    • - Check in time is 15:00. Check-out time is 14:00 on the date of departure, prior arrangements excluded.
    • - Cottage includes stay for only those listed.
    • - Restroom facilities are at the bathhouse.
    • - Your reservation is NOT COMPLETE OR CONFIRMED until you are phoned by our representative will ask you for your payment information.
    • - Please allow 24-48 hours for this contact.
    • - Submission of this request and phone confirmation equates to credit card signature authorization.
    • - $100.00 cleaning and breakage deposit will be charged for your cotage stay. Refund will take place after departure inspection. This may take up tp 48 hrs.
    • - STANDBY e-mail response indicates nothing currently available. We will contact you should something becomes available for the requested dates.
    • - Late Arrival request, separate process, must be completed prior to 16:00 on the day of arrival. We are not responsible for your uncoordinated late arrival. Please see the hours page for complete store hours and closing times.
  • Reservations/Cancellations

    • - A reservation is required to rent a Cottage.
    • - Failure to cancel as specified below, fail to use the facility for reasons other than a natural emergency or sudden campground closure will result in forfeiture of payment.
  • Pricing & Cancel A Reservation:

    • - During Summer a ten (10) day minimum notification is required for all Friday, or Saturday cancellations.
    • - During the Winter Season and other days 48-hour notification is required to cancel a reservation.
    Note that if you cancel under the minimum we will make every effort to re-rent your space to save you the deposit however there is no guarantee of this occurring. A $10 processing fee will be required for all cancellations
    • Pricing
    • - Fri $ Sat $350; Sun - Thu, daily rate $165.00; Fri OR Sat $195.00; Damage & Cleaning Deposit $100.00